What excites you the most about investment/financial markets? 

I am intrigued by the ever-changing nature of the investment industry, and how no two days are the same. Each day presents an opportunity to learn something new about the market and apply myself in a way that will directly influence the trajectory of investments held by various institutions. It also allows me to learn about the intersectionality of economies across the world, and why certain countries operate the way they do.


Why do you believe Prescient's Graduate Programme can help you achieve your current career goals?

I believe that the graduate programme will grant me the opportunity to apply the knowledge I gained through my degree, whilst also giving me practical exposure to the investment world. I’ll also be able to explore my interests throughout my rotations, which will allow me to make a well-informed decision about the area I would one day like specialise in.


What advice would you give a new graduate starting their career?

Ask as many questions as you can. It’s the only way to ensure you fully understand what’s required of you. Appreciate being a beginner and not having all the answers, because it only lasts for so long.


A quote you believe and live by?

"Everything you've ever wanted is on the other side of fear



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