It is possible to generate equity alpha without taking equity risk.


It is possible to generate equity alpha without taking equity risk.


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What is it?

The South African National Treasury has approved the implementation of a tax-free savings account (TFSA) as an incentive to encourage individuals to save. The aim is to simulate saving over and above retirement based-savings through a more accessible, tax-free product. From 1 March 2015, individual investors can invest up to R30 000 a year in tax-free savings accounts. While the capital investment will be capped at R500 000 over the investor’s lifetime, all proceeds earned (interest, dividends and capital growth) will be 100% tax free.

How do I contribute?

You are able to contribute in a lump-sum and/or an on-going contribution by debit order. You are able to invest R30 000 a year (R2 500 a month) and up to R500 000 over your lifetime in your TFSA.

What about tax?

If your contributions are more than the prescribed annual limit per tax year and lifetime limit, you will be liable to pay a penalty of 40% on any contribution that is over the prescribed limit. The penalty described above will be levied by SARS on assessment for the relevant tax year and will be payable by you.

What are my options?

You are able to select from a range of unit trusts managed by Prescient Investment Management.

Minimum Disclosure Documents

Prescient Absolute Balanced Fund

This Fund was launched in July 2003. The Fund invests in money market instruments, capital market instruments, equities, listed real estate and derivatives in South Africa and offshore. Asset allocation is managed actively to enhance return, but also to reduce risk when markets are overvalued. Protection strategies may be included to reduce volatility, but is not a permanent feature in the Fund. In combination, the asset allocation and protection strategies ensure that the portfolio is structured to optimise returns in positive market cycles, while reducing downside in negative markets. The aim of the portfolio is to grow the investors’ capital in real terms over time and is hence benchmarked against inflation. The Fund is Regulation 28 compliant.

Prescient Balanced Fund

The Fund was launched in June 2014. The primary performance objective of the Fund is to grow capital in excess of inflation over the long term.  The Fund will also aim to outperform the average South African balanced unit trust fund over a full market cycle by maintaining significant exposure to growth assets like equities.  Capital depreciation is possible. The Fund is Regulation 28 compliant.

Prescient Equity Fund

The Fund was launched in November 2006. The Fund uses quantitative techniques (multi-factor model) to build an active equity portfolio which aims to generate superior performance in a structured manner. The equity selection is done purely quantitatively on a bottom-up basis. The selection process targets those shares that offer the best economic value according to a predefined income statement, cashflow statement and balance sheet matrices. To enhance equity selection further, behavioural and other quantitative techniques are used. The quantitative process maintains some positive index type characteristics, such as low turnover and thus lower cost and high liquidity, while generating outperformance versus the benchmark. The benchmark for the fund is the FTSE/JSE Shareholder weighted index (SWIX).

Prescient Income Provider Fund

The Fund was launched in December 2005. The Fund is Regulation 28 compliant and invests in money market, shorter- and longer-term, high-quality capital market instruments, preference shares, property and international investments. A number of techniques are used to generate returns, including taking interest rate views or duration management, yield enhancements via credit instruments and also via the use of derivatives strategies, where these strategies are designed to provide downside protection.  The Fund has no duration limitation. The offshore component exposes the Fund to exchange rate volatility, the exposure as well as the asset selection is managed to limit this volatility.  The Fund aims to outperform CPI + 3% p.a. over the longer term with a risk target of not losing any capital over rolling three month periods.

Prescient Positive Return QuantPlus Fund

The Fund was launched in April 2004.  The Fund aims to achieve sustainable real returns over time and is benchmarked against inflation.  This is achieved by generating consistent positive returns, while safeguarding the portfolio from downside.  The Fund aims to protect capital over a rolling 12 month basis.  The Fund invests in money market instruments, capital market instruments and equities with an active asset allocation overlay. The equity component of the Fund is always protected to reduce the risk of capital loss.  The portfolio is thus structured to optimise returns in positive market cycles and to protect capital in negative periods.  The Fund is Regulation 28 compliant.

Prescient Property Equity Fund

The Fund was launched in May 2007 and is an property index fund where returns are enhanced by taking advantage of low risk arbitrage opportunities in the market. Additional benefits are gained from efficient implementation of cash flows, dividend reinvestments, management of corporate actions and index rebalancing. The Fund aims to remain fully invested in property shares in the FTSE/JSE SA Listed Property Index.







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